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The Power of Routines Series: Transform Your Home Life
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Meet Melodie

Hey mamas! My name is Melodie Bishop and I'm a boymom of two who loves Jesus, singing, the ocean, organization, coffee, and mac n' cheese. I live in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of New York and love traveling to picturesque destinations, taking in the wonder of God's beautiful creation.

My favorite pasttimes are waterfall hikes with my family, snuddles and movie night with my boys, dancing in the kitchen to praise music, and conducting 'future beach house research' watching Beachfront Bargain Hunt with a glass of red wine.

My mission is to help network marketing moms build a successful and sustainable business they love without having to sacrifice time with their family, or neglect their self-care. It's time to break through the stuck so you can have breakthrough and live an abundant momlife! 

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