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Melodie Bishop - Productivity Coach for Network Marketers

Discover the one-of-a-kind entrepreneurial community that offers built-in trainings, incentive marketing tools, master coach support, special discounts and MORE created BY industry expert entrepreneurs & network marketers with your UNIQUE needs in mind, WITHOUT outdated education and marketing tactics that keep you burnt-out and stuck!

Inside this Presentation You will Discover..

The most cost effective incentive marketing tool to simplify attracting countless leads, teammates, referrals, and increase customer retention.

An ever growing on demand training library offering education in social marketing, social selling, branding & much much more!

Discounts on tools you may already use such as Zoom© and a shopping portal to save you even more on business supplies and travel.

A mastermind community of support and accountability with daily access to industry leading master coaches.

The opportunity to access Artificial Intelligence lead generation software to automate the process of growing your audience with the click of a button.

A platform to generate an additional multiple stream of residual referral income and the potential to share your 'zone of genius' within the community.

Why partner with me?

Being a part of our team of rockstars means you'll have access to simple plug n' play success systems, a growing library of trainings, and all the support and encouragement you'll need to crush your goals!

"Having Melodie as a team leader was one of the best things about my years working for a direct sales company. She was always learning new and better ways to grow her business and teaching us from her wealth of knowledge and experience. She led by example and developed many trainings designed to meet specific needs of those on her team. She is highly motivated and motivating, organized, and has developed systems for working "smarter, not harder". Her systems made my job more enjoyable and more profitable."

Allison Ross

"Over the four years I spent in network marketing under Melodie's leadership, she provided our team with numerous trainings. She had videos and trainings in a group and made sure that everyone new was set up to be successful. She put together accountability groups for people who all had the same goals and helped us push to reach those goals. Not only is she a leader, but she also is a friend that not only celebrates the successes of the business, but also the successes of life."

Jamie Farrington

"Melodie is an amazing team leader! She's so passionate about helping you succeed and goes the extra mile to push you to reach your full potential. I don't think I would have come so far without her wisdom and guidance. She definitely helped me achieve some big milestones and I'm very thankful for her."

Lyndsay Spinella

"Melodie is such a wonderful leader. She built systems that worked and were easy to replicate. She was always willing to listen and offer suggestions, and sometimes even a little tough love! I wouldn’t be where I am in my business without her leadership."

Christina Moran

"Melodie is a natural leader! She gives of her time, talent, and treasure for the entire lineage. She shares ideas, scripts, inspiration, and nuggets of faith to better the whole community. She is so intentional with her business, consistently working to build her brand as a mama with a mission for organization! Melodie, I am so thankful for you!" 

Melissa Kaule

"When I first met Melodie, I was in one of her trainings, and was so impressed with how detailed she is. I asked if she could assit me in coming out of my comfort zone, and she said yes. For six months she trained me to come out of my comfort zone. She became a leader to me and I continue to learn more from her. She is always so patient with me. Melodie is an amazing leader. I have grown so much thanks to her leadership."

Angela Bedwell

Meet Melodie

Hey mamas! My name is Melodie Bishop and I'm a boymom of two who loves Jesus, singing, the ocean, organization, coffee, and mac n' cheese. I live in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of New York and love traveling to picturesque destinations, taking in the wonder of God's beautiful creation.

My favorite past-times are waterfall hikes with my family, snuddles and movie night with my boys, dancing in the kitchen to praise music, and conducting 'future beach house research' watching Beachfront Bargain Hunt with a glass of red wine.

My mission is to help network marketing moms build a successful and sustainable business they love without having to sacrifice time with their family, or neglect their self-care. It's time to break through the stuck so you can have breakthrough and live an abundant momlife! 

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