I'm Melodie, a productivity coach for Christian moms in online business.

Hello friends! My name is Melodie Bishop and I'm the founder of Abundant MomLife. My mission is to help Christian moms in online business get unstuck and master productivity so they can S.L.A.Y. each day!

Get your time freedom back and build a successful and sustainable business and momlife, without being a slave to the hustle, by implementing flexible abundance strategies to simplify, optimize, and systemize (S.O.S.) your work at home mom life! 

So, if you're ready to activate your abundance, wave the S.O.S. flag, and experience breakthrough in your business and momlife, grab your FREE S.O.S. Abundance Blueprint!


Time management can work for the busy work at home mom growing a business and a family. Learn how to better manage your time, using my simplified time management method, created just for moms.


You cannot enjoy an abundant business and momlife when you neglect your own self-care. I'll teach you simple principles on how to optimize your body, mind, and spirit so you can reach your fullest potential.


Hustle leads to burnout and overwhelm. Ditch the strive and grind mentality and learn how I use systems to get more done in less time, both in my business and at home, with excellence - minus the anxiety.

Hey mamas! My name is Melodie Bishop and I'm a boymom of two who loves Jesus, singing, the ocean, organization, coffee, and mac n' cheese. I live in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of New York and love traveling to picturesque destinations, taking in the wonder of God's beautiful creation.

My favorite pasttimes are waterfall hikes with my family, snuddles and movie night with my boys, dancing in the kitchen to praise music, and conducting 'future beach house research' watching Beachfront Bargain Hunt with a glass of red wine.

My mission is to help moms build a successful and sustainable business they love without having to sacrifice time with their family, or neglect their self-care. It's time to break through the stuck so you can have breakthrough and live an abundant momlife! 

Design your abundant momlife.

You can live an abundant momlife while pursuing your dreams, and it would be my passion and pleasure to help show you how!

Get Unstuck

How do you find your way out of the grip of that nasty stuck monster? You SLAY it! Seek knowledge. Learn how to grow your business. Take massive action to apply what you learn. Be consistent and you will yield results

Get Your Time Right

Omit the phrase 'I don't have time' from the narrative of your life and take your power back! Subtract what is no longer helping you reach your goals. Delegate what you can. If you do not have the resources to give, don't be afraid to say no.

Get Your Mind Right

The biggest roadblock on your path to abundance is a 'fixed mindset.' You can and you must flip the script and retrain your brain to know your worth and claim it!

Get Your Priorities Right

Know your non negotiables and focus daily on your prioritized tasks. Work smarter not harder by implementing systems, automation, and routines to simplify time management.

As a part of our Facebook community you'll gain access to free trainings like those listed below. You'll also get to meet and learn from inspiring women of faith in business who have 'been there done that' and can encourage you along your growth journey. Join us today and be a part of a learning community of like minded faith driven mamas building a successful business with God as their CEO. 

Field of Favor Lead Generation Masterclass
 Purposeful Prospecting Masterclass
WAHM Survival Solutions Masterclass

Break through the stuck so you can have breakthrough!

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Break free from the hustle.

Learn how to leverage the flexibility of working online from home with purposeful simplified goal planning so you can crush your goals without being a slave to social media. 

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Get your time freedom back.

Learn the value of working smarter than the rest so you don't have to work harder than the rest. You don't have to sacrifice family time, or self-care, to grow a successful and sustainable business.

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Work smarter, not harder.

Learn how to make room for what matters most using flexible focus blocks and systems to help you, and your team, simplify repetitive tasks and processes. 

Victoria Mosher

"Melodie is a great coach in so many ways! She's able to help you build sales confidence, personalize your business to help you be successful, and help you with organizational tips and ideas so you can have more time to live your life to the fullest! She is a blessing to my business and she will be for yours too."

Allison Ross

"Melodie is an extremely organized and goal-driven momboss who has TONS of experience and systems to share to help you work smarter! Her knowledge, animated personality, and expert tips makes her so much fun to listen to and learn from."

Stacey Wood

"Melodie is not only a rock star in her own business, but she finds the time to help other mom-preneurs to get organized and rock their own businesses. She's not only knowledgeable but incredibly supportive. I highly recommend Melodie's trainings!"

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